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Nassau offers a highly personalized shopping and tailoring experience to make sure your wedding suit will be absolutely perfect. With more than enough fabrics, colors and styling options available we make sure we get to the best result in a relaxed atmosphere in one of our showrooms.

Nassau Tailors trouwpak op maat. Made-to-measure wedding suit. Double breasted suit op maat. Viola Milano tie.



Book an appointment

Or walk in. We'll arrange a fitting in our showroom in Bussum or Enschede with one of our team members.

Measure and style

We only work with the best fabrics, primarily from Italy and Britain. Lots of design options and years of tailoring experience will guide you to the perfect item.

Fit and collect

We want to make sure that every detail is perfect. After 3-4 weeks we'll reach out to you to schedule a fitting. During this fitting, we'll make sure that the product fits you perfectly and is everything you wished for.


Wedding Suit

Below prices are starting prices
2-piece suits - €998,00
3-piece suits - €1298,00