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About us

We aim to become a truly inspirational menswear brand and the byword for quality, service and craftsmanship. We want to express personality and style trough our carefully crafted products.

Nassau was founded in The Netherlands in 2021 by Tim Morsink and Robbie Tanck. Both have a passion for high quality products and an and telling the story behind the fabric, product and getting to know their customers. We’re passionate about what we sell and believe our items will stand the test of time due to it’s silhouette, fabric and design.

Nassau aims to provide the modern man in all their styling and tailoring needs - from Monday morning all throughout Saturday night. From business to casual, from suit and tie to jeans and sweaters.

Robbie & TIm

Tim started his working experience at Oger in Amsterdam after graduating at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. He specialized himself in the field of made-to-measure and after leading the department for several years he continued his career at an international supplier of made -to-measure garments.

Robbie had a similar line in his career. During his bachelor he started as a sales advisor at various locations of Suit Supply in The Netherlands. After graduating Fashion & Textile Technologies, he continued his career at the same international supplier of made-to-measure garments.

After a few years, they joined forces because of their shared vision on the made to measure industry. They opened a shop in Bussum where their long-lived dream became reality.
Nassau Tailors showroom Bussum.
Nassau Tailors Enschede store with Claudine Vrooijink.


Two years after opening their first shop, Robbie & Tim have expanded their business by opening their second shop in Enschede. Claudine is the perfect fit for leading the store in the east of the Netherlands as she was born and raised there.

Claudine and Robbie used to work together for a premium brand in Enschede back in 2012. They always stayed in touch and therefore Claudine followed the journey of Nassau Tailors very closely. She saw a big potential for opening a store in Enschede and in October 2023 the moment was there.

Claudine will guide you trough all our products and the made-to-measure process in our beautiful store in the middle of Enschede.
Nassau Tailors Bussum


Nieuwe 's-Gravelandseweg 1M | 1405 HH
Bussum | Nederland

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Nassau Tailors Enschede


Haverstraatpassage 20 | 7511 EW
Enschede | Nederland

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