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How to build your ideal wardrobe

The first step to build your ideal wardrobe is to stop buying fast-fashion items that never or only partially meet your preferences. It is important, as a man, to know who you are, what your body type is and what you want to convey.

At some point, those slightly worn-out Nike Air Max sneakers are no longer trendy and youthful; instead, they signal that it's time for the next step in your wardrobe. Recognize this moment and remove these items from your wardrobe.

We understand that navigating through all the brands and offerings can be overwhelming, but Nassau Tailors is here to help. While taste may vary, fit does not. We believe fit is crucial, which is why we started Nassau Tailors. With personalized attention, we aim to assist men in their clothing choices, one customer at a time. Custom tailoring is essential for almost all men. Even if you think otherwise, you'll see and feel the difference immediately.

To provide you with some guidance for your clothing choices in 2024, we have carefully compiled and explained what, in our opinion, the ideal wardrobe for the modern man should contain. Start building your ideal wardrobe, taking into account your lifestyle, body type, and preferences in our advice.

S130 wool navy suit


  1. The cornerstone of every wardrobe - the navy blue suit. Preferably in a luxurious S130 wool with a panama weave for an elegant appearance and combined with a full canvas construction for the best fit.
  2. A mid or dark grey suit. We recommend a high-twist wool from, for example, English weaver Dugdale. The grey suit offers many possibilities for combinations, such as pairing the trousers with a blue jacket and the grey jacket with a nice sweater and chinos.
  3. Wool-silk-linen beige or mid-brown suit. Ideally in an unconstructed or handmade construction for a stylish spring/summer outfit.
  4. A suit in solaro wool. We recommend this in a blue or brown shade, but there are several options. This is, incidentally, the world's first technical textile! Developed by an Italian doctor and adopted by the English army to wear against harmful UV radiation in the sunny parts of the world.

White fine twill shirt


  1. A white shirt in a fine twill. You can't have enough of these.
  2. An ice-blue shirt in twill or oxford weave. Multiple shirts are recommended here as well.
  3. Denim shirts to combine with your suit or outfits throughout the week, but also a great option for the weekend.
  4. Button-down shirt in light blue-white striped oxford.
  5. Dark blue cotton piqué shirt. Elegant under a blue jacket and a perfect option for a night out.
  6. Light blue with white pied de poule shirt. A nice pattern twist for under a jacket or sweater.

Dark blue hopsack jacket


  1. Dark blue hopsack jacket. The go-to jacket for a business-casual outfit. Also easy to use, doesn't wrinkle, and lasts a long time.
  2. Wool with silk jacket in light brown. Easy to combine with almost everything and can be worn all year round.

Dark blue high-twist wool trousers


  1. Dark grey high-twist wool trousers. Works in any outfit.
  2. Dark blue high-twist wool trousers, just like above.
  3. Sand-colored cotton trousers, not chinos. This is a suit trouser but in cotton. In a nice fit, it gives a dressed and stylish look with almost all types of jackets and shirts.

Light blue jeans


  1. Blue jeans.
  2. Light blue jeans.
  3. White jeans, can also be worn in winter. Wash more often and preferably don't wear them during a falling raindrop, or you'll be washing them more than is good for the cotton.
Mid-brown crewneck in wool-cashmere


  1. For winter, a cashmere round-neck sweater. Treat yourself to this pleasure; you won't regret it.
  2. Beige half-zip in wool-cashmere. Works with almost all trousers and looks neat. This can be worn with a shirt or t-shirt underneath.
  3. Mid-brown crewneck in merino wool or wool-cashmere, the perfect basic.
  4. Light grey round-neck sweater in wool-cashmere.

Mersino Marina loafer in brown


  1. Black leather loafer. Smooth leather, preferably in a penny loafer model.
  2. Dark brown suede loafer. This can be in a penny or tassel loafer.
  3. Light grey suede sneaker with a white sole. Works well for casual outfits.
  4. Mersino Marina loafer in dark blue. Once you've walked on these, you won't want anything else; comfortable and stylish every day of the week.

Navy/pink selftipped Italian silk tie


  1. Dark blue silk tie.
  2. Dark grey wool or cashmere tie.
  3. Dark blue silk tie with red dots.
  4. Taupe or brown tie in a wool/linen blend for a summer wedding or other summer chic occasion.
Classic taupe overcoat, made from Loro Piana storm system fabric


  1. Dark blue car coat in technical fabric. Perfect for both business and casual.
  2. A statement coat. This can be in a beautiful Italian cashmere or heavy English wool. Think of a solid blue or a grey/brown herringbone fabric.


  1. Sand-colored technical fabric, nicely combinable with a sweater or under a jacket on colder days.
  2. Dark blue flannel or cashmere. Works always and will undoubtedly become one of your favorite items.

Start building your ideal wardrobe at Nassau Tailors. Book an appointment at one of our showrooms.