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Loro Piana

We are proud to work closely together with renowned fabric mill Loro Piana for our made-to-measure offering. Located in the Piedmont area of Northern Italy, Loro Piana is known for their production of high-end wool and cashmere. We have a wide selection of Loro Piana fabrics available at our showrooms to create suits, jackets, trousers, shirts, overcoats and bodywarmers. Book an appointment to discover the possibilities and get measured.

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About Loro Piana

Calling Loro Piana an expert in high-end fabrics would be an understatement. The Loro Piana family has been a pioneer in the wool and fabrics industry since the early 1800s and has been at the forefront of technical innovation through centuries.

Loro Piana is the most known for their super soft cashmere – they are the largest cashmere and baby cashmere manufacturer in the western hemisphere. The finest and most precious fibers are sourced from Northern China and Mongolia, where Loro Piana has discovered and developed baby cashmere together with local herders. This exceptionally rare and soft fiber is separated by comb harmlessly from the goat before it is 12 months old. It can only be collected once in the goat’s life, limiting the quantities of this sought-after high-quality wool.

Collections we offer
Proposte Abiti – seasonal collection for suits, every summer and winter
Proposte Giacche – seasonal collection for jackets, every summer and winter
Uniti – including S130 and mohair
Australis S150 Australian merino wool
Australis Jackets
Royal Wish S170 & Silk
A World of Colours
Blazers including their famous Cashmere and Baby Alpaca
Coarsehair – Winter jacketing
Noblesse S200 13.5 micron & Silk
Solaro 365 – summer suiting and jacketing

Loro Piana's meticulous and technical Storm System is created with a mix of natural fiber sand the most advanced technology in order to create a perfect synthesis of waterproof and wind resistant functionalities combined with immaculate style. 

It all begins with the world’s highest-quality raw materials. To be exact, Cashmere and Baby Cashmere from China and Mongolia, Vicuña from South America, extra-fine Merino wool from Australia and New Zealand, and LotusFlower from Myanmar.

Exceptional fibers need exceptional care to become exceptional products, so every step of the production process has been painstakingly monitored and optimized.