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Over 140 years of textile experience allow Albini Group to create fabrics with extremely fine yarns, skillfully combining craftsmanship and highest technology.

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About Albini

Silvio is the 5th generation of the Albini family, a fabric empire that began as a humble shirting factory in Bergamo, Italy. Albini Group's approach to the business of fabric is unique. They expend every effort to seek out the best raw materials for their textiles and the newest technological advances in order to create a final product that is quite simply, a work of art. The passion of five generations is ingrained in every fiber, their expertise apparent in the innovative styles and brilliant colors, their dedication to perfection woven into the shirts proudly displayed in the ensembles of designers and discerning gentlemen around the world. Sentiments shared and passed down from generation to generation have become values that manifest themselves in each of Albini Group's seven factories– in Italy and around the world – through each phase of production, in order to be tangible in every meter of fabric. It is this heritage of excellence that drives to Albini's doors the most renowned dressmakers, tailors, and designers.